CANVAS-TOP Texture Grade

CANVAS-TOP Texture Grade

Easy to use versatile multiple purpose single component o-white (when unpigmented) concrete resurfacing overlayment for both exterior and interior applications. CANVAS-TOP Texture Grade can be used as a spray-on concrete overlay or as a thin trowel or squeegee applied decorative concrete finish. CANVAS-TOP Texture Grade readily accepts and can be visually amplified by LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stainsand integral pigments such as ALLUVERSAL COLOURANT as well as creating a seemingly limitless amount of textures and designs through various application techniques. Superior adhesion, flexibility and durability are realised through Alluvius’ proprietary polymer technologies aswell as user-friendly working times for ease of use in all seasons of the year.

O-White blend that can be optionally coloured on site with ALLUVERSAL COLOURANT liquid pigments for integral colouring. Optional topical colouring effects are available with Alluvius LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stain. Grey cement blend available upon request (minimum order applies).

  • Application Via Squeegee (flexible trowel)
  • Application Via Trowel (Rigid Metal or Plastic Trowel)
  • Application Via Pressurised Hopper Gun (“Spray On”)

Alluvius CANVAS-TOP Micro Texture is available in:

  • 20 kg bags
  • with 50 bags per pallet (1 tonne net weight)
  • Squeegee or trowel application coverage rate is from approximately 10 to 16 m2 per 20 kg bag.
  • Knockdown coats over scratch coat/ base coat coverage rate is from approximately 12 to 20 m2 per 20kg bag.
  • Textured “spray on” application with 100% coverage from approximately 10 to 16 m2 per 20 kg bag.
  • AMP-1 PrimerPDF
  • LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stain

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