CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade

CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade

CANVAS-TOP Micro grade is the most current generation of “just add water” polymer modified concrete resurfacing toppings. CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade can be used for concrete resurfacing in interior and exterior enviroments. A vapour permeable, UV stable, hard wearing polymer modified concrete resurfacer that can be spray, trowel or squeegee applied, CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade is versatile, affordable and durable.

Popular concrete resurfacing designs include timber effect, faux stone, splatter and bubble textures, tuscan effect, knock down, hit and miss, burnished micro topping, stencil designs as well as a blank canvas for staining with LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stain.

ALLUVERSAL COLOURANT compatible, CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade can be pigmented in wide range of colours the can be further customised on site and in the field by the applicator.

From urethane modified acrylics to solventless epoxies, Alluvius has a sealer and top coat to suit virtually any environment.

Off White blend that can be optionally coloured on site with ALLUVERSAL COLOURANT liquid pigments for integral colouring. Optional topical colouring effects are available with Alluvius LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stain. Grey cement blend available upon request (minimum
order applies).

  • Application Via Squeegee (flexible trowel)
  • Application Via Trowel (Rigid Metal or Plastic Trowel)
  • Application Via Pressurised Hopper Gun (“Spray On”)

CANVAS-TOP Micro Grade is available in:

    • 20 kg bags
    • 50 bags per pallet (1 ton net weight)
  • Squeegee or trowel application coverage rate is from approximately 10 to 16 m2 per 20 kg bag
  • Knockdown coats over scratch coat/ base coat coverage rate is from approximately 12 to 20 m2 per 20 bag
  • Textured “spray on” application with 100% coverage is from approximately 10 to 16 m2 per 20 kg bag
  • AMP-1 PrimerPDF
  • LIQUID-IRIS Concrete Stain

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