Acrylic & Urethane Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic & Urethane Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic, urethane acrylic and hybrid urethane acrylic sealers are available for broad and specific applications. For ease of selecting and differentiating these products from one another, we will categories these technologies as solution acrylics (solvent based), urethane acrylics/hybrid urethane acrylics (waterbased). From these two categories we can further differentiate from direct to concrete use (primers) or protective top coats (wear coats).

Solution Acrylics

These are our general purpose exterior use one part solvent based acrylic sealers for concrete applications that are recommended for exterior application only. The main area of use for these acrylic sealers are driveways, pool decks, foot paths, exterior concrete toppings, overlays and virtually any exterior concrete substrate that requires minimised maintenance and a protective barrier from day to day light domestic use. Alluvius solution acrylics are self priming systems and suitable as a stand alone system from primer to top coat over clean concrete and are typically applied as two coat system. On a ease of use scale out of 10, solution acrylics would score a 10.

Available Alluvius Products Include:

ACS C (Coloured)
ACS G (Gloss)
ACS SS (Between Satin & Matte)

Urethane Acrylic/Hybrid Urethane Sealers

The Alluvius range of urethane acrylic sealers are a greener, more earth friendly approach to general purpose concrete sealing and timber floor coatings as well as a value added protective top coating over compatible primers. Areas of application for these products are similar to solution acrylics with added benefits including interior and exterior use, low VOC (volatile organic compound) for stricter and more stringent regulatory guide lines as well as superior abrasion resistance in the case of our hybrid urethane acrylic protective top coats.

Available Alluvius Products Include:

WACS (semi gloss for direct to concrete applications)
WACS Plus (semi gloss with improved abrasion resistance and stain resistance over)

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