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Large scale, domestic works, complex or simple, Alluvius can accompany you and your team to find the right products, the right system and help you make the right choice for your fluid applied flooring and surfacing solutions.

With rapidly evolving regulations and the greater demand for sustainable solutions, Alluvius has worked closely with raw material suppliers to stay abreast of the latest developments of environmentally sensible systems. Alluvius makes consciences efforts to incorporate where possible renewable and locally sourced materials into their proprietary formulations as well as eliminating the use of solvents to create volatile organic compound (VOC) free coatings and systems that are industry influential and leading.

Our products are performance orientated, versatile, customisable and affordable. When you choose Alluvius you can rest assured you are giving your client a return on investment that is unrivalled by other competing surfacing industries – be it tile, vinyl, carpet, modular… With low maintenance cost and increased system life cycles, Alluvius is the intelligent choice.

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